Tuberculosis Diagnosis and Treatment

27 Apr 2015, 10:19 WIB
Pria, 27 tahun.

Hello, my name is Nico Jung Lim. How the procedures of Turbecolosis Treatment? What the difference with Medical Checkup? Is in medical check up include Turbecolosis Treatment? Must I be hospitalized in a big hospital if I take Turbecolosis Checkup? Thanks You

dr. Atika

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dr. Atika

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Tuberculosis of Lung is a pulmonary infection caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Sadly, this disease is still found in high number in Indonesia especially in crowded urbanization. Tuberculosis can attack different organs in body, including skin, lymph gland, intestine, etc.

The procedure of Tuberculosis diagnosis usually is not fully included in medical check up (depend on your center). The examination to diagnose lung tuberculosis include mantoux test (or tuberculin skin test), sputum check for BTA (Basil Tahan Asam/ Acid-Fast Stain), and X-ray of the chest (this x-ray chest may be included in your general check up). For taking this tuberculosis examinatin, you dont need to be hospitalized. Tuberculosis treatment consist of taking pills for 6 months, along with several check up in 2nd month, 4th month, and 6th month (or more).

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