Itchy Watery Red Dots

18 Oct 2014, 19:06 WIB
Wanita, 21 tahun.
Doc, this morning I woke up with much pain.. its red dots, itchy, watery and be more much in this night... I dunno what's wrong.. :( I ate MCDonalds, and I don't have a alergy of it.. I will go to doctor tomorrow if it be more worse.. thank you

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From the symptoms you described, there is a possibility that you have varicella infection. The itchy watery red dots are very much similar to the rashes in Varicella/Chicken Pox or Cacar Air as we call it in Indonesia. This is a self-limiting disease ccaused by the Varicella virus and medications given are usually symptomatic to lessen the itch and prevent secondary infection.

But, keeping in mind that this consultation doesn't allow us to do a direct examination, we insist that you should arrange for a doctor's appointment as you have planned already. Wishing you a well recovery.

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