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Pedodontist in Jakarta

Sakit pada gigi Rahang Atas Kiri Insisif 1; Rahang Atas Kanan Insisif 1 Hi. My son, age 6 y.o,still has his upper incissor teeth intact, and he has his new incissor teeth coming out. Please advise on a dentist that I could bring him to, in Central Jakarta. Thank you.( laki-laki, 6 thn,110 cm,16 Kg)

Dear Madam,

Thank you for your question.

I'm sorry to say that for ethical reason, we can't recommend a general practitioner or a pedodontist in particular. What i can suggest you is to use our feature called PENCARIAN, located in the green bar on the upper side of our home page. Here are the steps:
  • Point your mouse to Pencarian, then point to CARI RS/KLINIK/APOTIK, then click RUMAH SAKIT
  • Select DKI JAKARTA, then click CARI
We have provided list containing hospitals around Jakarta and its location detail, you can pick one that is closest to your residence. Considering that you live in Central Jakarta, you should go to hospital in JAKARTA PUSAT. You can make enquiry directly to that hospital. Thank you for using e-consultation in Klikdokter.


Drg. Martha Mozartha

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